Monday, April 12, 2010

Another day in the life of an average high school teenager

So today in first block im just pretty much ignoring my teacher with the headphones on listening to music, when i heard some awesome lyrics......
"And Billions of people die
For a lost cause
so now i pray to my nation
destroyed under god"
When i heard these the first thing that came to mind was the faces of all those people in SHS who are "Christian" i mean what would they think of those lyrics....

I really don't feel like being here at school today.... Ugh... this weekend that just past went by way too fast.. Even if it was probably the best weekend i have had in a LONG time....

I got to chill with kyle on friday night.. and then Kasey came over on Saturday and we all hung out in my room for the majority of the day, and then when i thought it couldn't get any better i got invited over to ellen's where becca, ellen, david, kasey, and chloe were... it was a ton of fun.. but just getting to spend the extra time with kasey just made my night.... =D

And then on Sunday i went to go see clash of the titans in 3d with Andrew, He paid.... but i had to drive which is no big deal.... i mean for a free movie the little gas is worth it.

..... I think that's about it for now..... Hi people who decide to read this.... and Shame on you to the people who don't lol..... alright


Friday, April 9, 2010

MADDEN 2010 !

so yeah.... i dont know why but i always seem to update this thing when i am or have recently hung out with kyle..... Oh well, so i'm here to say that me and kyle have kicked off a new Madden 2010 season.... all i can say is that things aren't looking to good for me, i mean my team isn't the best in the world and im gonna suck like hell because i haven't played in forever.

On another off related topic, i got prom tickets for Kasey and I today.... and i went to get my tux yesterday... i have to say im looking forward to this... =D

While im off topic i have to say that life has been just peachy lately .... and I'm glad =D everything's just been going well recently..... except for failing english 3rd quarter but i'm over it

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Talk about the start of a Shitty Day

So i woke up this morning normal day, But i can't find my wallet.......... DAMNIT!!!!!

Well that means, i'm only driving to school and i can't go to the variety show since i have no fucking money now....... UGH!!!!!!!!

Now all i can do is hope that this day doesn't get any god damn worse.......

I was running in Circles
I hurt myself
Just to find my purpose
Everything was so worthless
I didn't deserve this
To me you were Perfect

I don't know why but that chorus to this song i've been listening to lately has just hit me deep....... Yeah........

So, with that i'm gonna be done and post this........ Have fun, if anyone reads this Hi, if not then o well

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tired as HELL, bored as HELL, it must be HELL

So its officially 8:20 and i just finished a test in my first block yeah, it took me like 20 minutes, now i have an hour to sit here and do damn near nothing...... it takes people in this class so damn long to take tests, some people don't even finish in time for class lol.

I don't see how, i mean we literally do all these problems the day before the test while we are reviewing, is it that hard to retain 5 seconds worth of information...... I mean he practically gives us the answers and the format to the test, and yet people still fail the test everytime...... wow.

So i'm officially just as bored as when i started........ so............ enought rambling, i need to try and think of something of decent importance to talk about on here.........hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm drawing a blank.

OH!, I am cutting down on caffeine in a major way, i am limiting myself to one can of mountain dew every day = D I really need to kick my caffeine addiction but its gonna be tough, i basically have to avoid one whole section of my house to resist temptation, if you've been to my house you know what i mean. But for those of you who haven't, i have a fridge upstairs in my house that has nothing but pop in it, or soda whichever you prefer, and i'm so used to whenever i go upstairs to grab a can of pop and with now not drinking it i have only been upstairs once in like 3 or 4 days.

...... So i've been playing alot of FFXII lately, don't really know why but i just felt like it. I guess it's better than WoW, which i am also quitting come march. Thats when my time runs out, and i'm not gonna renew it so thats one less thing to waste my life away on, Who knows i might even be able to do something, like get a steady realationship, i know you all think its funny but eh.... who cares.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long time no..... type

So yeah.... a bunch has changed since i last posted......

I am now single... By My choice this time.

UMMM...... I recently won 1st place in all 3 of my BPA competitions which had me pumped for about a few days.

Alright i think thats about it for drastic changes.....

Well this friday that just passed i went skating with a bunch of friends from school it was a BLAST!!! I just wish i wasn't so damn sore still. Yeah, i knew i was out of shape but this is ridiculous. I'm sore in places i didn't even know existed, yeah i know its a bit cliche but it describes how i feel right now.

Its a night i won't soon forget. = D

Had a fun time afterward with Nhat Ha and Dragon Just Chillin drinkin mountain dew in my car..... Good Times Good Times.

So lets see..... i think that about covers it all

JLAW- Out!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Weekend....... In a nutshell

I finally got to atleast talk to my girlfriend for the first time since we've been dating. It was fun, although i never really have much to say, just listening to her voice brought the relationship into perspective.... i can tell that this one is going to last.... not like those other ones, i can tell....i just have this connection with her that i have never felt in a relationship before =D

On a different note, Saturday was fun..... spent the night at kyle's and played madden the whole time..... it seems either i'm getting better or team has just improved alot..... i've only lost one game this season, and i think it was a fluke. but o well, i can't be perfect at everything lol.

hmmmmmm lets see, sunday was pretty boring.... but eh, thats normal for me... and today well, it was boring, had to do calc work to make sure i pass its worth making sure that i don't fail.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

........ Saturday..... What a Fail!?!

So, yeah..... today had the possibility of being one of the best i've had in a long long time...... the chance of getting to see Mackenzie kept me going.

The day started off really well, she got her phone back (officially) and we both thought that this meant we would be able see each other.

Community service this morning was super easy, and we got 3 hours Woot woot , only like 27 or so more to go..... i'm not sweatin it.

Than a band meeting at Chester's house..... didn't really get much accomplished..... but we ended up going to play basketball, and just so u know my height advantage helped out significantly. But, then we played around the world..... Which i sucked at HORRIBLY...Kyle won........ i dont know how but he did....... he claims its the 1/16 black in him, none of us did good, he just did the least worst.

So yeah.... than i got a dreaded text message while playing around the world...... it basically said, that her parents were parents are being complete and total dickholes..... yeah not dicks, or assholes, dickholes.........they pretty much said that since she got her phone back that she's not gonna be able to don ANYTHING for atleast another month..... which means i dont get to see her for 4 more weeks atleast, you have no clue how depressing this is.

Well, by now ur probably sick of hearing me express my dearest depression over the internet...... so im gonna leave you all to your business and go back to playing madden with kyle...... PEACE OUT